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Entry #2

Raven Guard Studios

2010-12-13 02:57:38 by Raven-Guard

So originally, this account was supposed to be a collab account between Supersteph54 & Echo (aka me) so that could post our joint songs and such. However, recently we came up with the idea of starting a group of musicians that we trusted and had worked with for quite some time before and mix any collabs we did between ourselves into this one account. Therefore, this account is now not only a collab account between two people, but is now a collab account between a group of musicians.

- Echo
--- Occupation: Audio Artist
--- Prominent Genre: Orchestral

- Supersteph54
--- Occupation: Audio Artist
--- Prominent Genre: Varied

- Decibel
--- Occupation: Audio Artist
--- Prominent Genre: Electronic

- GronmonSE

- Empire of the Sun, Supersteph54 & Echo
- No Return, Supersteph54 & Echo
- The Forsaken, Supersteph54 & Echo
- Minutes to Midnight, Supersteph54 & Echo
- In a Teardrop, Supersteph54 & Echo
- Beams of Hope, Supersteph54 & Echo
- Beyond Control, Supersteph54 & Decibel
- Menu Loop 1, Supersteph54 & Decibel

This list will probably grow larger with time, at least so we hope ;)

{Raven-Guard Studios}


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2010-12-13 03:57:13

Cool idea.

Raven-Guard responds:

Thank you :3.


2010-12-16 14:16:53

I really like the 'In a Teardrop' but reminds me a lot from 'Requiem for a Dream'

(Updated ) Raven-Guard responds:

Yeah I know.

Blame that on Echo :P.