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[tf] Midnight Pulse [tf] Midnight Pulse

Rated 5 / 5 stars


...First things first. This is R4R, since you reviewed our song 'Empire of the Sun' with a helpful review, so I'll be reviewing you back, and secondly, wow, I was looking through your songs, and may I say that you make a really wide variety of genres, man! Indie, Drum'n'Bass, R&B, Trance, Techno, House, Hip-Hop, Dance, Classical and Video Game... TBH, you being able to make all of those genres, and being able to make them sound GOOD is a really great feat. Keep it up! Anyway, onto the song. This song is very good, and although I'm not much of a fan of Progressive Trance, you actually got me to download this, making it the first Progressive Trance song I ever downloaded xD. Awesome job!

Melodies are OK. I think you could have focused a bit more on melodies and a bit less on nice-sounding gated synths, such as maybe some synth breakdown in the middle, which builds up into a breathtaking climax or something. Just a suggestion though. The traces of melodies that you have now are very nice, and also I don't think it's THAT short for a Trance song :). I liked the filter automation at around 1:12-ish. By the way, I think you might want to turn the bass up a little. It's probably my horrible speakers, but whatever it is, I'm just saying that I can barely hear the bass, so it's either because it's not loud enough or because my speakers are yet again playing tricks on me. Other than that, mastering is flawless, and the production is pristine. Good job!

The synths sound awesome. I liked the pads a lot, and the main synth sounded really cool. I also liked the synth at the beginning. Basically, all the synths sounded good xP. Something that might make the song a little better could be the introduction of a few sweeps, namely at the beginning and at around 2:11. Just a little nitpick though; may or may not improve the submission. Your effects were great, although maybe you could put some more reverb on the snare. Sounds a little dry right now. Again, just a small nitpick :). Overall, great job with the synths and effects, they all sound great!

The transitions are very good too, and I definitely can't find anything wrong with them. I liked how the song transitioned to the quiet part at around 0:46-ish, and then the buildup from then on was a very nice touch. New instruments were introduced very well too, and the song flowed very smoothly. Good job! As for the structure, it's the usual trance structure. Starts with some ambience and a beat, builds up to the climax, and then builds back down to the beat and ends, so I can't give you any points for originality, but oh well. Variety was good, although maybe at 1:15 you could vary the main synth a bit, since after around 1:45-ish, it started to get a bit monotonous.

The intro, as I said above, wasn't too original, but it's a pretty good intro anyway. Same goes to the ending; it's the usual trance ending: a crash cymbal :\. It's sort of why I don't enjoy Progressive Trance. They all sound pretty much the same structure-wise, and even the beats at times get really unoriginal. Oh well, they're still pretty good as an intro/outro, so I won't complain ^^.

The drums sound good. Maybe during the chorus you could vary them a little more, since the drums didn't change much, but that's just a nitpick, and usually drums don't vary that much in progressive trance anyway :\. The samples sound good (except for the fact that I think you could add a slight bit of reverb on that snare) and they were just the right volume too. Not enough to get in the way of the song but enough to be heard loud and clear. Beats were good...

Anyway, overall this is a very good submission. A bit generic at times, and some nitpicks like not enough reverb on the snare and a quiet bass do ruin the song a little for me, but not enough to make me give you a 10/10. Keep up the great work, you're an excellent Trance artist! Sorry for the long review, you'll have to get used to it when being reviewed by me (Supersteph54) :P. Thanks for reviewing our song!

-Review Request Club-